How To Make Money From Car Advertising 
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How To Get Paid For Driving Your Car

Click Here To Make Money From Car Advertising

I am sure you have seen buses or subways with company or product advertising on the sides. The exact some thing can happen with cars. A few of the biggest companies in the world are willing to pay drivers to advertise their products. Of course you need to have a drivers license and to be over 18 years old.

In case you do not own a vehicle, these companies can provide you with a brand new car, which will be wrapped in advertisements. If you already own a car, then these companies can pay you up to $3.200 per month. (Keep in mind that this is usually available only if you are a truck driver. In case you own a regular sized vehicle, you can expect about $600-$700 per month.)

There is also no need to worry about the design of the ads. You will get to pick the kind of ads you like and all the advertisements are created by good designers and are very stylish.

There are 3 types of ads: you can choose from: ads that cover ¼, the ½ and ¾ of your car. Of course if you choose the third type you will get more money.

I receive a $700 check every month, just for placing some ads on it and driving it as I normally do: to my job, to the grocery store, to the mall etc.

The first thing I had to do was to sign up with a company called Free Car.

Before signing up with this company, i had found a website called Web Trade Bureau that investigates if a company is legitimate or not. Out of the total 174 sites that provide car advertising services, only 5 can actually be trusted and Free Car is one of them. I paid a registration fee of about $30 so that they could find me a get-paid-to-drive job, but it was definitely money well spent.

Another good one is a company called Car Index, but it seems that Free Car provides you with much better offers.

Both companies, give a 100% money back guarantee so you risk nothing.

In case you are more interested in getting a monthly salary from car advertising, Visit Free Car. If you want a brand new car visit Car Index!